The Mission

Our goal is to utilize outdoor advertising to connect local businesses with daily traffic. San Francisco Bay Area traffic continues to intensify coupled with longer commute times, outdoor advertising presents a cost efficient platform for conveying your message to a captive audience. This advertising is measurable, consistent and highly economical. The message can be rotated to stay relevant, timely and fresh. We view outdoor advertising as the last medium which isn't cluttered, filtered or blocked. Outdoor advertising has been around since the beginning of time with cave paintings and hieroglyphics. As time has passed, this form of message evolved to painted advertisements, followed by printed paper and then paper which morphed into vinyl substrate and now electronic displays. All the while, the goal has remained the same, utilize local roads and highway traffic to increase awareness of the desired message. 

What We've Achieved

  • We have developed numerous unique and memorable billboard locations throughout the State of California
  • We have worked with local, regional/national and non-profit businesses to advertise relevant content
  • We have participated in awareness campaigns focused on saving and improving lives with health improvement messages

Focus on quality. Re-think the traditional design of billboards, materials and approach to the business. The rest will take care of itself.
— Mesa Outdoor Founder Michael McCoy
  • We have added immense value for property owners
  • We work with local contractors, sub-contractors and vendors stimulating the immediate area
  • We have partnered with local government agencies
  • We have created a solar off grid package to illuminate displays using renewable energy